Welding Tractors

– Gofer rail: Bugo brand tractor without oscillation, simple and low-cost which uses a rigid rail. Any semiautomatic torch can be placed. It works in several positions, even overhead. It can be screw fixed, with magnets or with suction pads for non magnetic materials.

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– MDS with rail and oscillator: Bugo brand tractor, with oscillation option which uses guide rails (rigid or flexible). It has a controller in order to weld different oscillation patterns which imitate the welder; it also has the option to make intermittent welding completely programmable. Can be used with a linear oscillator for plate union, or with pendular oscillator for filet welding. It works with any semiautomatic process torch in several positions. It can be screw fixed, with magnets or with suction pads for non magnetic materials.

– Stiffener Tractor: Specialized equipment for dual welding in shipyard panels. It is a cart with two included feeders which weld two weldings at the same time and coordinates the forward movement. It is not ordinary equipment but is very useful for shipyards. It has torch floaters that can be used with MIG or submerged arc process.

– Submerged arc: Lincoln Electric brand equipment that has been used for many years with excellent results. It comes in two different models:

  1. Traditional.- It works with a rectifier, ideal for plate union and beam welding. The tractor has an integrated control and feeder.

2.- PowerWave System.- Lincoln Electric new technology that uses inverters in order to have total control of the welding arc. It can be programed to regulate variables such as penetration or deposition. It also generates feedback to make compensations during the welding.

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