Gantry Cutting Table

It is the most common in the market; it has a double motorized gantry (one at each side) and one or more cutting or marking heads at the top. CNC completely, we have a wide variety of them. They are custom made quoted considering the following factors:

  • Widthrequired
  • Lengthrequired
  • Material to be cut
  • Thicknessto be cut
  • Plasma or oxycut required
  • Number of torches

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We have Hypertherm or Promotion controllers, Kjellberg, Thermal Dynamics or Hypertherm plasma cutting systems for thickness from ¼ up to 6 inches. We can also install strip and cutting machines for beams in the back of up to 20 simultaneous torches.

All our gantries are made by Westincut, company with over 20 years of experience in the market and we also offer technical support in Mexico as well as in USA. We have several accessories such as water tables, smoke recovery systems, advance nesting programs, etc.

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