Flux Recovery System

The flux recovery system is a device that few times is bought, because it increases the subarc costs. Although, when this equipment is correctly used it can pay for itself in less than a year and produce a considerable long term savings.

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It is just a high capacity vacuum that collects the remaining material and takes it to a hopper with a magnetic separator that moves away the burned one and all metallic parts, leaving the flux that can be reused.

We have a wide variety of products, according to your needs. From the smallest for tractors or intermittent arcs, to the biggest for multiple arcs or band, with capacities from 0.75 up to 7.5 hp.

We also offer accessories as houses, nozzles and hopper heaters to make the flux arrive hot to the application. We have the capacity to build closed loop systems where the equipment pumps and recovers the material during the whole operation.

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