Mechanical Beveling Machine

For very thick beams, especially if they are boxes, the beams require to be beveled. This can be done with oxy fuel cutting tractors, with the cutting table or with strip cutting machine. In several occasions the torch beveling causes a lot of deformation because of the quality required (particularly when using automatic equipment for the assembly), so that a mechanical beveling is required.

There are two options available:

  1. Mobile Mechanic Beveling Machine: They use wheels which move towards the plate, this has to be placed at certain height. It has a header with burins that move all along the plate. In order to make the two sides bevel, the plate needs to be turned over (there is a new model with a rotating header which makes both). It is a little slow, but has an excellent ending no matter the length of the plate.
  2. High Speed Beveling Machine: This kind of equipment is custom made. They have a hydraulic frame that presses the plate and a header with burin which high speed bevels. It requires an entrance bed for the plate and it can make both bevels without moving it. It is faster but has a fixed maximum size limit.

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