This machines are designed for very large longitudinal cords.

They are used for beams, railroad cars, platforms, ships manufacturing or any other structure that requires extensive welding cords.

They are custom made and any semiautomatic welding process can be added (TIG, MIG or submerged arc). They are not recommended for simple arcs, because in order to exploit their maximum capacities at least two arcs are suggested.

Its concept is of a single welding unit, where all the equipment is placed over them and moves together with the welding.

It is possible to place several accessories as: seam trackers (tactile and laser), flux recovery systems, smoke recovery systems, cameras, etc.

Weldtech Positioning offers this equipment turnkey, including rails and assembly.

hot to the application. We have the capacity to build closed loop systems where the equipment pumps and recovers the material during the whole operation.

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