Vertical Up Welder

Vertical Up Welder. Uses Electro-gas welding process (EGW) with voltage sensing to weld vertical seams of the tank shells with exceptional quality and high deposition rate (e.g up to 20kg / hr)

  • Suggest using Electro-gas welding process for plate thickness above 10mm and FCAW CO2-sheilding welding process for plate thickness from 8mm to 10mm
  • Applicable for “bottom-to-up” or “top-to-bottom” construction storage tanks (pls consult factory for “jack up” tank applications)
  • Suitable for tank radius 9m radius or larger, adjustable Wind Shielding Standard frame for tank shell plate height 1.6m to 2.8m (other 3m, 3.2m is optional)
  • Heavy Duty vertical up model carriage with large control pendant specially designed for the toughest operation conditions for site erected tanks. Lifting eye built on the master drive unit for easy loading.
  • Linear oscillator with max. 50mm stroke
  • Oscillator control to adjust dwell time on both sides for proper side wall fusion on heavy plates.
  • Suitable for tank plate wall thickness is from 10mm to 50mm for “bottom-to-top” and from 8mm to 50mm for “top-to-bottom”, single or double V grooves can be adopted.
  • Movable water cool copper slider and water-cooling copper backing (ceramic backing is also applicable) Uses flux cored wire specially for electro-gas vertical welding (eg. Kobe DWS-43G (1.6mm), AWS grade EG70T-2 or equivalent).
  • Puddle size and stick out are maintained via close loop feedbacks with auto-traveling welding carriage.
  • Aluminum alloy rail with electric magnet adhesion.
  • Special right angle water cooling torch for electro-gas welding.
  • Canvas or Aluminum panel wind shielding frame & operator platform with AC drive to propel welder laterally from one vertical seam to another, ventilation system is equipped for fume extraction.
  • Welding carriage with precision travel accuracy, max welding speed up to 0~250mm/min with 500mm/min high speed travel.

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