Turning Rolls with inclination

System to weld covers for cylindrical parts. Widely used in home heaters manufacturing.

They have a roll support with one motorized roll and an idler roll. They are fixed to a frame with certain leaning that can be fixed or adjustable.


– Water heaters

– Small heat exchangers

– Wind tower bases

Standard configuration:

– One motorized roll

– One idler roll

– Control box


– Designed for applications up to 10 tons

– Easy to install and operate

– Hardy structure for heavy use

– Designed with double motor and reducer to avoid the use of shifts in between wheels

– Double direction and variable speed

– Speed adjustment with inverter, removing the steps

– Ability to connect with other devices, such as welding manipulators or robots

– Reducers with helical shaped pinions, which give a high torque and backward movement lock

– Mechanic and electric security brake

– With a conductive device for the electric current, that isolates the controls

– Include advance controls in both directions and speed, also an emergency stop

– Include speed digital display

Available options:

– Variable manual leaning

– Variable motorized leaning

– Welding equipment installation inside the same structure


– Line models not available, custom designed


– Designed according to their application, addressing customer’s needs.

Message “Customized designs according to your requirements, any parameter can be modified”

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