Pipe Spool Turning Rolls

Equipment designed to weld spools of any shape. Its three wheel design, two at the bottom and one at the top, gives the flexibility of welding any kind of spools in both sides, without removing the part.


– Process piping

– Flange pipe welding

Standard configuration:

– Pipe spool

– Control box

– Remote control


– For spools between 3 and 24 inches, and up to 5 tons

– Easy to install and operate

– Hardy structure for heavy use

– Urethane coating metallic wheels for the bottom and of hard steel for the top

– The leaning model allows perfect filet welding

– Double direction and variable speed

– Speed adjustment with inverter, removing the steps

– Ability to connect with other devices, such as welding manipulators or robots

– Reducers with helical shaped pinions, which give a high torque and backward movement lock

– Mechanic and electric security brake

– With a conductive device for the electric current, that isolates the controls

– Include advance controls in both directions and speed, also an emergency stop

– Include speed digital display

Available options:

– With Inclination

– Without Inclination

Standard models:

– With leaning: PSNI-314, PSNI-624

– Without leaning: PSWI-314, PSNI-624

* Other capacities might be quoted

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