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Weldtech Positioning was founded 10 years ago through the effort of welding positioners Mexican designers. Over time and experience in different applications, we increased the variety of products and projects to offer. Nowadays, we have the most diverse positioning equipment in the market.


Weldtech Positioning is a company that sales solutions, not only products. The devices we design and install are focused in solving problems and improve processes in three main aspects: quality, time and efficiency. For that purpose we get advised of a qualified group of expert engineers in every field: mechanic and electric design, welding and cutting. In addition, our peripheral devices are of the highest quality, only recognized brands, worldwide leaders. We trust that much in our suppliers, that we offer a three year guarantee for built-in equipment and in every of its components.


Our medium term objective is to become the best positioning company in America. At this moment we are leaders in Mexico, having presence along the whole territory. Our goal is to enlarge the business through a distribution network, sharing our philosophy and building profitable associations at every country in America.

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