Narrow Wheel Rolls

A very specific application for standard rolls. They have big diameter hard steel wheels with a narrow width (no more than 6 inches mostly). Designed according to their application, according customer’s needs.


Weldtech Positioning Rolls are designed to work in extreme conditions, very hardy, the only ones with a three year guarantee. We have a stock with more than 20 sets of different sizes. You will find in this catalog the most common, but not the only ones. We are able to adapt any value, weight capacity, wheel type, higher and lower speed, minimum and maximum diameter, spark proof motors for paint and sandblast. Let us know about your application and so we can customize your design.


– Hydrogenerator impellers

– Turbines

– Heat exchangers with narrow connections

– Tanks with narrow connections

Standard configuration:

– One motorized roll

– One or more idler rolls

– Control box

– Remote control


– Metallic solid wheels with wide diameter and narrow width

– Designed for applications between 500 kg and 30 tons

– Easy to install and operate

– Hardy structure for heavy use

– Only one motor and reducer

– Double direction and variable speed

– Speed adjustment with inverter, removing the steps

– Ability to connect with other devices, such as welding manipulators or robots

– Reducers with helical shaped pinions, which give a high torque and backward movement lock

– Mechanic and electric security brake

– With a conductive device for the electric current, that isolates the controls

– Include advance controls in both directions and speed, also an emergency stop

– Include speed digital display

Available options:

– Pedal included for turning on, turning off and speed control

– Spark proof motors for paint and sandblast


– Line models not available, custom designed

If you are interested in receiving a quotation of this kind of rolls, please send us the following information:

  1. Parts weight
  2. Room available to support the wheels
  3. Parts material
  4. If possible, a parts diagram stating if the gravity center is not symmetrical


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