Laser Cut

The laser cut has acquired a lot of boost in recent years, due to the development of new technologies that allow increasing the thickness of the cut and making it cheaper.

The greater advantage of a laser cut is the quality. The cut is almost perfect and the waste material minimal.

There are two kinds of laser equipment:

  1. CO2 Laser: The beam of light is produced by a resonator that works using CO2 mainly. Its major advantage is that it can be used with a minimum visual protection from the beam. The disadvantage is that the cutting beam is affected by the distance between the resonator and the torch. Therefore, the plate is usually moved instead of the header. Another option is to place the entire resonator in the bridge and proceed to cut that way. Although, these make the equipment very big and expensive. Its maintenance is also expensive and complicated, due to the use of crystals in order to increase the beam.
  2. Fiber Laser: It is practically a plasma system that uses more simple gases and shortens the distance between the source and the torch. It can be placed on any CNC. Its only disadvantage is the huge danger it represents for the eyes. It requires a closed cabin in order to make the cut.

Weldtech Positioning offers both models, always addressing customer’s needs.

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