Kjellberg High Capacity Plasma

Kjellberg is a German enterprise with over 80 years of experience. It began manufacturing welding equipment, but by the 50’s it developed the plasma process and since then, it has been focused to be at the forefront of this area.

Nowadays, because of the competition in the cutting by plasma business, Kjellberg (besides manufacturing standard equipment) has invested a great part of its resources and staff in the development of new technologies that distinguish it from the rest already existent in the market.

They main are:

– High cutting capacity equipment: Kjellberg has the only equipment in the market that can cut up to 6.5 inches in stainless steel with plasma.

– Hyfocus plasma equipment: It makes a cut with quality similar to laser due to the Contour technology, patented by them. It allows angles below 2 grades and outlines below 5 mm.

– Gas mixing console: Unique in the market, because it starts from unit gases and makes all the mixture, unlike the competitors which require the entrance of gases already mixed like the H35.

In addition, it has manual and automatic plasmas of every capacity, long life consumable parts, standard 100% work cycle rectifier machines, power sources with robotic interfaces, etc.

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