Horizontal circumferential welder

  1. Horizontal circumferential welder. With the following specs:
  • Applicable for “top-to-bottom” and “bottom-to-top “tank construction inside & outside welding of girth seam.
  • Suitable for tank in 9m diameter or larger.
  • Adjustable welding-traveling frame height for tank shell plate 1.6m to 2.8m in width (other

3m, 3.2m is optional).

  • Suitable for tank plate wall thickness is from 8mm to 50mm for “top-to-bottom” and from 10mm to 50mm for “bottom to-top”.
  • The cross slide of welding head can move 10cm horizontal and 10cm vertical.
  • Single sided frame weight: approximately 650 Kg.
  • Motor frequency inverter drive system
  • Weatherproof control box with digital display for welding speed.
  • Travel speed: 0~2200mm/min.
  • Beveled gear drive reducer, good locking ability in both directions
  • Large diameter (Φ 150mm) steel roller flux support belt to allow flux recycling.
  • Electrical flux Lifting winch:160kg loading, lift flux up to 30m off the ground.
  • Safety cage, ergonomically designed ladder handrail, operator seat.
  • Fire resistant / weatherproof curtain.
  • 100x 100 mm finely adjustable manual cross slide.
  • Standard 380V/3ph/50 Hz input (other optional).
  • Power source storage (weather proof).
  • 50 m long Power cable for operating frame.
  • Heavy duty blower type flux recovery system with filter.

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