Fit-up Rolls

Fit-up Rolls are a complete assembly system for tanks or cylindrical containers. They have two motorized rolls with an approaching cart, as well as a lifting and horizontal movement control. Two parts are placed, one on each side, then the joint is made controlling all the opening of the rolls in order to make it the more aligned as possible. Thereafter, the two joined parts are moved and then proceeds to place the other one. It is a built-in system (sold as a whole), custom designed.


– Tank manufacturing

– Heavy vessels

Standard configuration:

– Two motorized rolls

– Two idler rolls

– Control box

– Remote control

– Lifting and lowering control


– Designed to quickly join parts for tanks and containers

– Capacity between 10 and 500 tons

– Easy to install and operate

– Hardy structure for heavy use

– Approaching, horizontal and vertical part movement control (in addition to the turn)

– Designed with double motor and reducer to avoid the use of shifts between wheels

– Double direction and variable speed

– Speed adjustment with inverter, removing the steps

– Ability to connect with other devices, such as welding manipulators or robots

– Reducers with helical shaped pinions, which give a high torque and backward movement lock

– Mechanic and electric security brake

– With a conductive device for the electric current, that isolates the controls

– Includes advance controls in both directions and speed, also an emergency stop

– Includes speed digital display


– Designed according to their application, addressing customer’s needs.


Message “Customized designs according to your requirements, any parameter can be modified”

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