Filling Machine

Equipment to quickly apply large amounts of welding. For beams, they are usually gantries in two different configurations:

  1. Cantilever: It is a beam set on the wall with a submerged arc or, a tractor with a small arm also with an arc. They have longitudinal movement and are designed for long distances. Only the feeder and the torch are mounted, the source usually stays on the floor. These are quickly although they have the disadvantage that the beams need to be moved near the equipment.
  2. Gantry: They are mobile bridges that held all the welding equipment over them. They are not recommended for less than two torches, because all their capacity won’t be exploited. For beams, two parts are placed and then proceed to the filling. They are usually put over the production line since this way the beams don’t have to be moved. They have several movement shafts such as forward movement, move up/down the arcs, opening and closure.

Both styles can be used with any semiautomatic welding process. In addition, several accessories can be placed: flux recovery system, tactile or laser seam tracker, smoke recovery system, cameras, etc.

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