Complete Assembly Machine

Complete equipment for beam manufacturing that assembles, fills and straighten, all in the same device. It has an entrance table, assembly device with first step torches. Afterwards, it fills over the same line and finally, straightens the beams on the exit table. This equipment is slow, because it completes three processes at the same time; it is limited, in addition, regarding the beam dimensions. It is ideal when making many beams of the same size is required and there is not much space available. It is not recommendable for massive production.


The welding capabilities it can reach are:

– Web from 200 up to 2,000 mm, thickness 6 to 14 mm

– Flange from 200 up to 800 mm, thickness 6 to 20 mm


Complete equipment with 4 welding sources and one hydraulic source to assemble and straighten.

hot to the application. We have the capacity to build closed loop systems where the equipment pumps and recovers the material during the whole operation.

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