Anticreep Rolls

Anticreep Rolls are designed for applications where it is very important that the part does not move horizontally when turning. In general, they are for parts from 100 tons and up. The rolls have vertical adjustment pistons which open or close the wheels carrying the part to be turned. This opening is controlled by a sensor placed at the end that avoids the movement of the part.


– Heat exchangers

– Heavy vessels

– Wind towers

– Nuclear reactors

Standard configuration:

– One motorized roll

– One idler roll

– Control box

– Remote control

– Sensor



– Designed for applications between 100 and 1,000 tons

– Not usually made for parts under 100 tons, although it is possible

– Easy to install and operate

– Hardy structure for heavy use

– Hard steel wheels

– The sensor detects / registers movements from 0.1 mm

– Maximum mistake allowed of 2%

– Designed with a double motor and reducer.

– Double direction and variable speed

– Speed adjustment with inverter, removing the steps

– Ability to connect with other devices, such as welding manipulators or robots

– Reducers with helical shaped pinions, which give a high torque and backward movement lock

– Mechanic and electric security brake

– With a conductive device for the electrical current, that isolates the controls

– Include advance controls in both directions and speed, also an emergency stop

– Include speed digital display

Available options:

– Trolley or transport cart to move the load over the rolls, it can be motorized or manual


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